Lyons Fine art Consulting was born after the 2010 closing of Center Of The Earth Gallery, a leading contemporary art gallery in the southeast for 22 years.Owners Ruth Ava Lyons and Paul Sires opened the gallery ¬†after major renovations in an abandoned mill village known as the town of North Charlotte. In 1985 Lyons and Sires pioneered the Historic North Charlotte Arts District, now called NODA. Only 2.5 miles from uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, this mill village prospered when “cotton was king” and collapsed when the mills closed. The couple restored the 1927 Lowder Building which housed Center of the Earth Gallery and other artists owned businesses.They were voted “Best Gallery” by many local and regional publications for two decades.

Lyons and Sires continued to renovate nearby buildings as part of an ongoing revitalization effort and actively participate in beautification efforts. As the gallery and its owners continued to spur development in the area, other artists and businesses gravitated there as well and helped create a cultural synergy that can only be found in NODA.

Ruth Ava Lyons and Paul Sires have been recognized with a Governor’s Business Award in the Arts. This award recognizes their efforts as the pioneers of the NODA Arts District and their impact on the city of Charlotte.